Curricula Vitae

Curricula Vitae is an act of considering the fragile and coincidental nature of our sharing time and space.It is an attempt to encapsulate the temporal and geographical scale of six lives onto one stage. Curricula Vitae takes raw data collected by the ensemble and maps it in space; where the audience is invited to join the dots to reveal narratives inside the topography.


“It’s rather ticklishly ridiculous to watch, but also rather charming.” Matt Trueman (Carousel of Fantasies/ The Guardian)

“This is a sophisticated and intelligent group of performers to watch out for.” One Stop Arts

“I believe the intelligence in these performances stems not from the idea of imparting a message but rather from their desire to explore the actual path of investigation.Everything Theatre

“When they’re at their best the slow, rigidly formulaic development of each sequence is incredibly stimulating for the audience – engaging the mind in unexpected ways.”
Joe Hill-Gibbins (Deputy Artistic Director, Young Vic Theatre)