Head of a Woman is an international ensemble of six artists of six nationalities.

We are committed to working in the grey area. We find narratives in words, movements, sounds and images. our aims are to stir, to move, to arrest the senses and emotions of the spectator. The performance is an invitation, an experience we share with the audience, a space for questions to be asked and possibilities to arise.


Responding to the unique composition of the ensemble, we create work through a collaborative devising process. We believe this is the ideal way to embody our critical concerns and interests.


We are committed to making work that is honest and relevant to contemporary audiences.

Who we are

Nohar Lazarovich (Israel)

Geoffrey Ewert (Canada)

Melanie Grossenbacher (England/Switzerland)

Dadiow Lin (Taiwan)

Jonathan Rogerson (Scotland)

Thorey Sigthorsdottir (Iceland)